About us

Privatizer Technologies LLC was founded in 1997 by Robert Nadeau to develop and manufacture products for the office automation and mailing industries. The company developed new proprietary technology which resulted in the successful production of HP’s LaserJet Print to Mail Accessory.

We have expanded our product line and services to give customers:

The most complete pressure seal equipment line in the industry. From speeds of 1,800 pages per hour to 10,000 pages per hour, customers can choose the best “bang for the buck” solution that best meets their needs. Manufactured in Dayton, Ohio.

The most comprehensive service coverage in the United States. Privatizer is the only manufacturer that has its own managed service network. We manage the service directly and provide parts coverage on the entire equipment.

Customers are provided support on the entire delivery process.

Privatizer Technologies is approaching its 25th year in business.

Honesty, Integrity, and Technological Innovation helps us deliver products and services that customers can trust. Privatizer has world-class product design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise.

Current New Partnership with FP Mailing Solutions now provides Privatizer the ability to offer more solutions to our customers.

Long-Standing Partnership with HP allows Privatizer the ability to service HP printers and offer broader service support.

We also partner with distributors and forms suppliers to help our customers get the most complete solution in the industry.

Privatizer Technologies works with small and large businesses to address their needs with the following popular applications:

Education: grade reports, transcripts, notices
Government: tax bills, municipal lien certificates, utility bills
Business: statements, order acknowledgment, accounting
Healthcare: invoices, insurance notices
General: payroll checks, tax forms, w-2 forms

Distributors are located in the United States, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.