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Our Services

By adding a Privatizer Service Agreement to your Equipment Purchase, customers get a complete mailing solution that pays for itself within 9 months. Coupled with Privatizer’s world-class coverage, you’re guaranteed to never miss an important mailing run.

Privatizer is the only company in the industry that provides:

  • Complete Maintenance Coverage which includes free part replacement. Our competitors charge you per part.

  • Best geographical coverage in the industry with our certified service technicians.

  • Manufacturing experts who have built the equipment will manage your service call to ensure immediate resolution.

  • Service technicians that are experienced in all Privatizer Pressure Seal Equipment, FP Mailing Folder Inserters, and old Bri-Lin units.

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On-Site Service Agreement

Hot-Swap Agreement

Service Depot Agreement

Choose one of the following service options:

On-Site Service coverage provides an on-site technician to the customer’s site when phone diagnostic and troubleshooting require “hands on the machine”.

Hot-Swap Service coverage provides customers with a replacement unit when phone diagnostic and troubleshooting determines the unit be repaired at the manufacturing plant.

Depot Repair Service coverage provides customers with a repaired unit that is shipped to the manufacturing plant for a quick “turn-around fix” per phone diagnostic and troubleshooting by our service experts.

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